Hi everyone :D How's your Saturday? Mine's great :D
Have you ever taken a look at your arms and saw something you didn't or don't like seeing? It's called bye bye arms and flap as you wave to someone bye bye.. Don't be afraid to heart this and just simply put it into an Articles collection for later use.. Bye bye arms are simply from being over weight or being pregnant.. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Here's the workout. Have fun, play some music and enjoy this workout. Your secret is safe with me..

--- Beginners ---

20 second plank

40 Jumping jacks

5 - 10 push ups

20 Tricep dips

25 Arm circles ( both arms )

25 Wall push ups

--- Intermediates ---

45 second plank

65 Jumping jacks

15 - 20 push ups

40 Tricep dips

35 Arm circles ( both arms )

45 Wall push ups

--- Advanced and Professional ---

75 second plank

100 Jumping jacks

30 - 40 push ups

60 Tricep dips

55 Arm circles ( both arms )

75 Wall push ups