I haven't posted an article in a while because I lacked inspiration, but now here I am!

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Thinking about how fast time flies and how old I am (I'm 22, gee…), still stuck here instead of doing great things, running the world, getting rich and married (just joking about this last one!).

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Well, today I'm here to write about how, finally, happy and grateful I am to be here, with the people I care most, and it's something we shouldn't take for granted.

I am always the first to think about clothes, make up, books, travels, boys who don't love me back, and other thousands of things I want (because we always want more and more).
But today I'm giving myself time to appreciate my family, my parents, who always worked hard to let me live a good life, that only growing up I'm learning to value.

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Of course there comes a time when we have to leave home, to build our life by ourselves, and it's okay, it means growing up, but in the meanwhile we should be thankful for what our family do for us, for having a home, a bed in which lay, a mum who cooks sooo delicious foods, and a dad who plays with us, helps us and protects us.

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Among all of the things we want in life, I mainly want to make them proud and give them back all the love they gave me.

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Sorry for being so sentimental today, but I wanted to share these thoughts with you because sometimes we need to remember it.

Lots of Love
Erica xx