Sitting alone ,
Away from the phone ,
Observing the sky ,
Look how high
The birds fly
Following each other
I mean : their mother .

bird, girl, and free image

And when the sun comes down ,
Time for a masterpiece to be drawn
By a sunset lover
Ending by a cover .
The hues attest her creativity ,
And attract people just as gravity .

art, sea, and painting image


Shall we talk about night ?
When the moon starts to fight ,
With the stars
Of course no scars
About enlightening the earth
Our safe heart .

night, sky, and moon image

What about aurora borealis ?
Do you know what it is ?
It's a natural electrical sight
A colorful flashlight
That can be be watched in fairbanks
And when the weather seems dank ,
It's the perfect time for a camp
Using fire as a lamp ,
Spreading some good vibes ,
Watching funny vines ,
Eating grilled marshmallows ,
And forgetting about sorrows .

fire, marshmallow, and autumn image

While seeing these colors combined ,
Many questions come to mind
About our existence ,
About the universe's consistence,
One way to answer :Physics
And find logic in all antics ,
Scientists gave us a clue
And it's our turn to continue .

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_ Rania