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Azula from Avatar The Last Airbender is a crazy girl. She’s despicable, evil, and probably the most selfish (yet cunning and smart) person you’ll encounter.

I recently rewatched Avatar because I wanted to relearn Uncle Iroh’s nuggets of wisdom. It’s actually a helpful show when you’re feeling lost. It’s great! No feelings harmed in rewatching. Doing so, I also found a new character to reflect on: Azula.

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See exactly what I mean by Uncle Iroh's nuggets of wisdom. It won't matter if they're family, if they're evil something needs to be done about it.

I was on season 3, in the episode where it showed the Fire Nation team - Azula, Ty Lee, Mai, and Zuko - going to the beach for the weekend. I’m going to get straight to the point, in that episode Azula resonated so much like a real millennial. So much so that I understood what she was going through.

For one, she didn’t have a tragic backstory. It was a rich family upbringing of a very talented girl, and if you were born into the middle class you would pretty much understand how it means when your parents say that you live comfortably. Let’s admit, the millennials are called the millennials because most are born into the middle class families. It was the era where middle class was starting to boom. The time where you don’t need to have a million dollars to be able to afford something fancy. I understand her in that sense because nowadays, you can’t get people to like you if you don’t have a good backstory. Its actually an advantage in this time, in all honesty. Nobody cares if you’re good and excel at something, you’re expected to be like that because you are privileged. As if failure was not supposed to be an option.

The only drama she can pull out of it was that her mom preferred her brother over her. Which she quickly dismissed because she wants to show herself as strong and fearful. Unlike her other friends she didn’t drown herself in self sorrow. She didn’t blame her circumstances for how she acts (although you would have to admit that she was very much shaped by it). That alone makes her so strong and confident.I know a lot of millennials who are struggling because they let themselves be drowned in sorrow when they are naturally a happy person and you don’t see the reason why they would need to let themselves down. I know because I was like that too. It was a tough time. I was such a negative person that I could feel my inner sunshine and positivity struggling to fight for a way out. It was difficult back then though, it was pretty much a 10% chance of smiling when the day comes. The lack of needing a good and tragic background story can be devastating if you let yourself be burrowed by it. Although we do later on see that her circumstances made her a despicably crazy woman.

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She is also a natural leader. Wherever she may be and whatever the circumstance. In this episode, she showed while they were playing beach volleyball. Although it is too much to take leisure playing that far, it showed that she always puts her 100% into anything. Which is supposed to be a good lesson to all of us!! Never not give your best in order to avoid regrets.

The most resonating scene would probably be the part where she was jealous because Ty Lee and Mai were getting the boy’s attention while none would even look at her.

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This spoke to me so much because (1) she admitted to Ty Lee that she was jealous. I do not know where in the world any person would get that amount of courage to be able to confess that. If you’ve read my previous posts, you would know that I too am like that. I’m jealous of all the other girls getting the attention and the affection as if I’m not lovable and kind. Perhaps in their world too, looks mattered so much.
(2) Boys didn’t like her because she was so intimidating and powerful.

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(and okay she smiles so evilish and plans to dominate the entire planet. Not that it should be a huge factor really - Just kidding!)

Okay, I understand that charm is a huge factor when you’re trying to flirt at a party, but I really don’t understand why men would shy away from women who are so independent and powerful. It’s not like women are only supposed to be judged based on how cute or charming or reliable they are. And it’s not like every powerful woman in the world is like Azula who would literally want you to follow her every command and be loyal to her. Just made me realise that when you show your true side - independent, powerful, and confident side - to a guy, he’ll walk away from you.

He doesn’t even need to know if you’re good or evil. By appearance and charm alone, you can be completely judged.

I’m beginning to truly believe that I am not meant to have a significant other at all, even for once in my life.

P.S. I'm not romanticizing the evil of how Azula is. This is my opinion on her as a person less being evil and all.

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