Hey guys,
After long time I write a article!! Thank you for all your messages, I read it all but if I don't read yours sorry... So for today I will write about 10 Things make you sad. I see one girl who write about 10 thinks make you happy and I think to do the same think but I think about sad things...

Soo... Let's get started!!!

1. Listening sad music.

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2. Think about something that hurt us.

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3. Waiting a message from someone. (crush, friend)

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4. Reading sad quotes.

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5. Stay at home alone.

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6. See anybody crying.

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7. Broke up with you bf/gf.

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8. See romantic movies and be sing.

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9. The weather.

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10. Lose your animal or your family.

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Ok.. So that's all for today, guys I lope you like this article and don't focus on something that hurt you :)

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