That’s how she feels when you don’t talk to her, when you don’t text her nor when you show your love and Care for her.
She needs those to live. To breath. Shes in pain, and you don’t even know it, she’s struggling to speak to breath, and here you are talking to some other girl. Laughing with the other girl.
She tried to smile, to act as if she doesn’t even know you, but she’s failing miserably. Her friends are asking her what’s wrong, and she can’t even answer them. She wants to, but she cant.
That’s how she felt when she found out you never even liked her. When you acted as if you care but you actually never did.
She always depended on you, but you made it worse. You picked up fights with her, slammed the door of love right in front of her face.
You probably gave up on her so easily because she was emotional, because she felt thing other’s weren’t even near feeling.
She tried talking to you more, but you acted as if she was a stranger. As if she was your enemy.
All she felt was hurt and hopelessness.