One of the troubles of being a girl is that you get this monthly schedule of emotional mix-up and appetite inconsistency that at often times you don't know if you have anxiety or your body just hormonally screams that it wants chicken nuggets right now at this instant while your tears run down and you feel like you're suffering from a broken heart.

Being a girl, knowing yourself has a little added effort needed since you also have to track the first day when you get your period, how long your PMS is, what kind of PMS do you get - do you tend to eat a lot a few days before the big day? Tend to be lazy? Or that's the time when you're super motivated to do things? Do you tend to be really sleepy for a whole week before that day? And the questions don't end there. Once you get your period you have to keep track of HOW your body copes with it (I mean I get really bad dysmenorrhea whenever I get my period. So bad that it's hard for me to get out of bed, I throw up even on the slightest sip of water - so yes I don't get to eat properly for three days - and, I get the cramps pretty much 24/7) and how long your period usually lasts. You also have to know what happens AFTER you get your period, do you get your appetite back after 5 days? The next day? Is it these days where you feel super motivated to work? Or you feel the need get out a lot?

Knowing and answering all these plus getting to know who you really are as a person considering everything that your body dictates makes me realize that women go through so much and yet society challenges us to make it look like nothing is happening, and we're successful in making them believe so.

I am amazed.

Here's a video which I think is really informative on women's monthly schedule! (It helped me understand myself better too!)

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