Finishing spray

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  • This fixes your make-up in place.

If you spray this on your skin after you put on make-up, it'll set in and make it last longer.

  • Some make-up fixing sprays also function as a mist and hydrate dry skin.
  • If you spray too close to your face, you risk applying too much which can ruin your make-up.

You have to apply from a distance to get the mist effect.

Also, it's important to tilt your head upward.
If you have your chin down, the mist will directly fall to the ground instead of getting on your face.


Last but not least in my make-up 101 series I wanted to quickly talk about some lipstick and tint things:

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  • Use foundation to erase the lip outline.

Tap gently for coverage.

  • Matte lipsticks can cause dry, chapped lips, making it hard to maintain and reapply

So if you still want to go for a matte lip, I'd advice to always put on some lip butter or oil before the lipstick (let it sink in a bit first) and if your lips are allready chapped use a lip scrub (some sugar and honey).

Lip tint

Tints are specifically made to retain their color on your skin. They stain your skin and last longer than other lip products.

This way you can easily go swimming and keep your lips looking killer.

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  • Don't apply foundation to your lips before the tint application.

If you apply foundation first, the tint may not be absorbed fully and may bleed into the lines of your lips.

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  • If you don't want to see your lip line, apply a thin layer of tint all over your lips. Then use a base product to cover your lip line with a gradation effect. You can use either foundation or concealer.
  • If your lips feel dry, apply a little lip gloss on top.
  • If you want a lighter effect, apply the tint only on the inner parts of your lips.

Use only the tip of the wand to make application easier.

  • If your natural lip color is too strong to be covered up by foundation, you can use a light colored lip liner.
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  • For beginners it's better to use thicker tints with more texture (gel or cream tints) than water-based tints.

If you use a water-based tint and apply it to the center of your lip, the color can bleed unattractively into your lip, and it's harder to get a color gradation effect.


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  • You can also use your lip tint as a blush. This way it will stay also in the water.

Apply it before foundation, or else it is harder to blend and easier for it to become splotchy and uneven.

For beginners, don't apply directly onto your cheeks.
Apply some on the back of your hand and then using a sponge lightly tap the product onto your cheeks.

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