day 08: make a list of your five favorite movies

❀ submarine

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i never get tired of watching this movie! it's about a boy that got bullied in his school name oliver tate. he wants to lose his virginity before he turn 16 and to fix his parent's relationship. and also, oliver have a crush with jordana bevan; a bully, a pyromaniac, and she have a skin disease called eczema.

❀ leon: the professional

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who doesn't know this iconic movie? about a hitman name leon that rescued mathilda. mathilda is a girl that living at the same building as leon. she's being rescued after her whole family is being murdered by a corrupt dea agents; norman stansfield. and after the rescue, mathilda ask leon to teach her how to kill people (she wants to avenge her little brother's death) and in return, mathilda will do the chores.

❀ hick

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luli is a girl which her life is turning upside-down after she decided to leave her house and went to las vegas by herself (she thinks she will have a better life in there). in her way there, she meets eddie; the man with cowboy hat and damaged leg. and also she meets another passerby too named glenda to give her a ride.

❀ lady bird

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being socially awkward, want to stand out and be different, wanna have a boyfriend and being loved. that's exactly how my teenage life is. lady bird a.k.a christine; she's my mood 24/7.

❀ sing street

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in order to impress the beautiful aspiring model named raphina, conor make band which raphina becomes the model in his band's music video. what makes this movie more interesting is conor's band songs. i like it. very.

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