Personal Info

Name: Kyung Hye-rim
Stage Name: Venus
Position: Main rapper and lead dancer
Line: 97
Birthday: May 17th
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 1,70 cm
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Languages: Korean and Japanese

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Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Short light brown hair


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Very trendy


Loves fashion. Has the most pleasing instagram feed. It's very hardworking, writes 98% of the groups songs. Doesn't open up to people. Likes to stay inside. Never sleeps.

Idol Info

Group Name: Love Failure
Concept of the group: Dark and sexy (Empower women)
Fandom: Lovelyz
Fandom's color: Blood red

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Number of members: 5
- Kim Yoon-suk
- Lee Hwa-soo
- Kyung Hye-rim
- Park Yebin
- Jung Gyuri

Company: SM Entertainment
Debut date: 28 August 2017
Debut song: Cheatin' Lips
Debut album:Lips Deep, People High

Friends (groups)

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Monsta X, (G)-Idle, Blackpink, BTS

Close Friends (boys and girls)

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Jooheon (MONSTA X), Soojin (G-Idle), Jennie (BLACKPINK), Namjoon (RM of BTS)


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J-hope from BTS - Namjoon introduced you two. The moment you started talking you understood he was the one.
(If I were a kpop idol pt.1) Kim Yoon-suk
(If I were a kpop idol) Lee Hwa-soo
(If I were)
(Kpop study playlist)