Hi guys! thought I would finally update on here and give you an explanation on where I've been since I haven't uploaded on here for ages. Basically I've just been so busy. The last time I updated was the 31st of August. Around that time I had just finished doing the 30 day writing challenge and it was hard because it was the summer holidays still and I was trying to balance seeing my friends and spending time with my family and I had just started my new job which in the beginning I wasn't enjoying so as soon as I came home from it I didn't feel like doing anything so I got lazy on uploading. Then the day after I last uploaded I went on holiday for the week with my boyfriend and his family to Spain and I was unable to upload because I write my articles and upload them using my laptop which I didn't have the whole time I was away. Then the day I came back from holiday I got really ill I got the flu and was throwing up so I had no energy at all. Then I got better but then the following week I got ill again with the flu and a chest infection and I ended up being emitted to hospital for iv antibiotics and had to stay in for a week. After I got out of hospital my granddad was in hospital really ill and was on end of life care for over a week so we spend every minute of the 10 days at the hospital by his bedside until he unfortunately passed away and afterwards I was so upset I didn't feel like doing anything. I then started back at university on the 24th of September which was stressful getting back into a routine and I've had a lot of homework and reading to do and well as working as well. I have such busy weeks I'm at uni Monday, Thursday and Friday 9am-4pm. I'm off uni on a Tuesday and Wednesday but I work on Tuesday and on Wednesday I do placement so I'm busy then too. I work on Sunday as well so Saturday is my only day off and on that day I go out with my family and spend time with them. But now I'm back into a routine and I've got used to being back at Uni I'm going to be uploading again.

Thank you for still sticking with me even though I've been terrible at uploading. Love you all xoxo

See you soon :)