Helloooo, so I saw this challenge a lot and I decided to give it a try, mainly because I need to push my self to write daily. Also, I think that it's a great opportunity to meet you guys and if you feel like we have similar interests send me a message to get to know each other! Enjoy!

Day 1: Name 5 things that make you really happy

1)Being in nature, sitting somewhere close to water and read or write alongside a cup of coffee and good music

2)A good cup of coffee. I love the taste of coffe and the smell. A cup of coffee makes me feels stronger, happier and it's what I need in order to start my day. Coffee makes me able to concentrate better when I need to study, so it's my daily miracle.

3)Reading a book. Honestly, reading a good book before going to bed relaxes me. So every night I read my extracurricular book, I drink tea and light my candles.

4)The rain, I love watching the raindrops or even better being outside and getting wet. The smell after the rain is probably my favorite part but also the cold weather.

5)Him. The way he made me laugh even when I was mad at him, the way he would tickle or annoy me but I could never stay mad at him. His hugs and most of all our conversations. I love having a guy friend and I miss him terribly, with me being away. I love how we talk about anything and everything but at the same time we can sit together, hug and have a comfortable silence.

Hope you like it!!