i really don't know from where to start..he was just so different.
i was very young when i met him. at first, i only thought of him as a friend. we got close, talked every day about anything and everything.

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but then few months later, i realized that i've developed feelings for him. but i was too scared to say it to him, i thought i'd scare him away. so i kept my feelings bottled up. but it made me feel so restless. i couldn't just stop thinking about him.

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so one day, i gathered enough courage to tell him. i texted him about it and just went offline. i was so scared. when i came back online, i saw his text and it kinda..broke me. he said that i'm just a friend and that i will always remain one. i tried my best to act like i'm fine but something just didn't feel right.
we still talk though, and the worst part is, i still have feelings for him. seems like i can NEVER get over him. maybe i'm too annoying, or maybe not pretty enough, i don't know. but he will forever be my always. and i hope that the girl with whom he decides to spend his whole life with treats him right and love him unconditionally.

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