Hi everyone ! How's your night going? Hope you said "My night is great! "
I have a workout here for you to try out. * I just want you to know when a workout claims to make you lose weight quickly, it doesn't mean in a few weeks or even a month, unless your drinking water and eating the right foods, as well as exercising. Let's see now 75 - 80 percent of your results starts in your kitchen. Which means NO junk food. The rest of the 100 percent comes from exercising.* ok now that we have that issue takin' care of we can start exercising. Here's the workout...

30 High knees

30 Jump squats

30 Bridges

30 skaters

30 Crawls

30 Walking lunges

30 second plank

30 Bird dogs

3 Minute rest

20 High knees

20 Jump squats

20 20 bridges

20 skaters

20 Crawls

20 Walking lunges

20 second plank

20 Bird dogs