Halloween's coming up, fast. There are only 18 more days till the kids come knocking on your door, bright smiles and all. If you're a sour little plum when these kids come, you're not only going to ruin their day, but you're going to be known as the Grinch of Halloween. Therefore, in an attempt to not ruin those little children's night, it's vital that you get into the Halloween spirit.

After all, after Halloween, there's Thanksgiving to be hyped for. And after Thanksgiving, there's Christmas to be hyped for. And after that, there's New Years to be hyped for. Better to start getting excited now, before it gets harder and harder to be happy in such a joyous time of the year.

This is why I thought it useful to write an article about how to get into the Halloween spirit! Enjoy!


Tip No. 1

Decorate your house!
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Even if it's just cutting out a badly-shaped bat out of black paper and pasting it on your wall, decorating your house is one of the best ways to get into the Halloween Spirit. The glow of lanterns and the hues of orange, yellow, and black will constantly remind you of the holiday that's coming up. With this constant reminder, it'll be hard not be hyped for Halloween. Also, it'll help attract spooky trick-or-treaters to your doorstep! It'll really help create the impression that you're one who wants to participate in such activities. So decorate! Decorate, decorate, decorate!!

Tip No. 2

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Another way to get into the Halloween Spirit is to bake. Though the treats should preferably be Halloween-themed (it's only fitting), you could also bake Fall-themed treats. Either way, the process of making these treats and then eating them will help you get into the spirit. After all, it does take a bit of Halloween Spirit to be able to frost Halloween-themed cookies & cupcakes!

Tip No. 3

Go shopping for a Halloween costume!
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Go with friends or go by yourself, shop for yourself or for your pet, just go shop for a costume! Halloween is the one time of the year where you can dress up as something you want to be without being judged! You can channel your inner-child and be a villain, a hero, a princess, a prince-- anything you want to be! Don't put on the whole too-cool-for-school act. That's the total opposite of the Halloween spirit. Don't be that person who's just scoffing at people being happy while wearing their costumes. Everyone, all year, is complaining about how old they feel. Well? Halloween is the one time where you can actually act like a kid again! Take advantage of it!

Tip No. 3

Go to a Halloween party!
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Halloween parties are the absolute best way to get into the Halloween spirit! Everyone is excited to just dance around in their costumes and have fun. There's free Halloween food and snacks, there are most probably "bubbling" drinks that actually have dry ice in them, and there's Halloween-themed music. You can go with your friends or go by yourself. Just have fun! Everyone is who they want to be in a Halloween party, so there isn't the usual "why am I here" attitude floating around!

Tip No. 4

Go to a Halloween event!
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You can go before Halloween or on the actual day of Halloween; either way, you're going to really get into the Halloween Spirit by just being in a massive Halloween-themed event. There are multiple venues that host Halloween-themed events. Disneyland and Universal Studios are just two of the more popular venues. You could go to a cheaper and more local amusement park, and you'll still get the same experience. These events make you excited, and you can channel that excitement towards the Halloween-ness of it all!

Tip No. 5

Watch a Halloween-themed movie!
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They could be scary or they could just have a vague Halloween-feel to it, but by watching Halloween-themed movies, you'll most definitely get into the Halloween Spirit. By scaring yourself senseless, you're channeling that spooky-side of Halloween. By just enjoying the look of pumpkins in a movie frame, you're channeling that chilled and relaxed side of Halloween. Also, who could turn down a day of just sitting at home and watching movies?


Well, those are all the tips I've got for now! Hope you enjoyed reading!

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