I have seen these types of articles around the site, and thought they looked rather fun. It is interesting how you can get a sense of a person from their selections, while knowing absolutely nothing about them. So, here goes!

A Colour:

aesthetic, alternative, and indie image aesthetic, dark, and escalator image red image Temporarily removed

An Element:

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed beach, ocean, and sea image Temporarily removed
Water or Air

A Season:

Temporarily removed Image by yağmur Temporarily removed winter, snow, and stars image

A Book:

Temporarily removed castle, france, and green image faust, goethe, and illustration image dorian gray, ben barnes, and movie image
The Picture of Dorian Gray or Doktor Faustus

A Drink:

Image by Itzy Temporarily removed book, coffee, and tea image tea, autumn, and book image
Earl Grey Rooibos Tea

A Time of Day:

flowers, pink, and nature image beautiful, light, and summer image autumn, fall, and home image fire, nature, and photography image

A Type of Weather:

Temporarily removed tree, moon, and nature image alternative, art, and dark image flowers, dark, and nature image
Delicate Mist

A Creature of Folklore:

vampire, black and white, and le vampire image girl, vampire, and black image amazing, birthday, and costume image Image by Avatar

A Music Video:

lana del rey, shades of cool, and grunge image lana del rey, west coast, and beach image lana del rey, beautiful, and fire image Image removed
gif, vintage, and west coast image
West Coast : Lana del Rey

A Fairytale

flowers, rose, and ice image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Swan, aesthetic, and water image
Snow White or Swan Lake