Jamie Rainstel

Jamie Laurelle Morgan Rainstel
April 17th, Aries

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Mid-long dirty blonde hair, blue-green eyes, freckles and a giant smile on her face at all times.

Blood Status

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She is the daughter of a muggle woman and a wizard, Silene Jones and Carhter Rainstel.


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She pretty much only wears Converse High Tops and has a thing for 90's fashion, mom jeans, all things high-waisted, primary colors and crop tops, but she prioritizes comfort and practicality.

Personality traits

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Vibrant, energetic, thriving, she is adventurous, daring, trusting, carefree, friendly, passionate and lively, she lives in the moment as a free spirit.


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DRAGON- One of the most powerful and formidable creatures of the magical world, dragons are ambitious and dominant. With the ability to breathe fire, they quickly assert themselves, garnering both fear and respect from those around them. They are unafraid to take risks and prefer to live by their own set of rules. They are quick to lead and do not back down from a challenge. Dragons are strong in their convictions and will stand for what they believe is right. Those with a dragon for a Patronus are sure to be fierce fighters.


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Sycamore wood with dragon heartsting core, 10'' in length with pliable flexibilty

Favorite classes

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Flying and Quidditch

Favorite spells

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Favorite places

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In order, the quidditch pitch, the Great Hall, Gryffindor Common Room and hanging out in the hallways of Hogwarts talking to the paintings and discovering new parts of the school.


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A German Shepherd named Max she morphs into a great owl when teachers or Prefects are near.


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Learning and trying out new things, Quidditch (is chaser in the Gryffindor team), cultures around the world, other types of magic

Yule Ball

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She went to the Yule Ball stag to be with her friends, until later in the evening, Samwell Dragonheart, asked her to dance, which they did until the ball ended.


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Campfire, Mountain fresh air, Earth, Soil, Dew
I was inspired to make to write this article by this one