I break rules, sometimes, I put no limits, I get so intense, I'm.... a walking grenade. I don't understand myself. It's the truth. Does not happen?, as a small story..., are the protagonists who do not know what to do, only eat, sleep and try to survive. We are dragons, they symbolize honor and effort. We all are.
We're magic. All without exception we have something out of this world, that is magic: to be different. Whether it's the way to eat our biscuits, dance or do things. You know how great it is to be a dragon? , that we are powerful, we dominate the world in our own way. If we have wings, because we do not fly, and higher? As high as we want, and it's not just pretty words. Get tired of the pretty words, it's a fact. Which is a fact, something real. Or that you feel it's real, like your Netflix series.
Well the point, you have to believe. And not necessarily in UFOs, or your ex's promises, no! In US. That we're dragons. And we throw fire.