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First of all (if you probably don't know), I'm from a little city from Argentina, called Gualeguaychú.

Secondary schools at Argentina are very different from the high schools that we usually see in american films. However, inside the country we have a huge number of high schools, and the majority of them are particular, depending on the province.

Here I'm going to show you the important things that we used to do. Before we start, I will say that I study at Pío XII Secondary School, an institute oriented to catholicism.

Let's start!

"The Footprint" at 1st year:

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This is an special day for the 1st years students, because in this day they are helped to know each other. It's organised at the begginings of april (after the first day at school, in march). The seniors (present in almost all the festivities) explain about the catolicism and cook for us. Apart of those talks, we also have emotional moments where we can tell something important to urselves. (In this part almost everyone cries, it's crazy).

The Camp at 2nd year:

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Again, it's organised on april. The 2nd year students go to a campsite for 3 days, to learn more about each other. There are different groups of chores divided in colors, which have to do different things (for example, cook or set the table). Also, we have various activities during the day, and a big camfire on the last night, where the students sing or act a sketch.

The "Mobile Clasroom" at 3rd year:

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This is my most recent activity (I'm to 3rd year). In this case, all the 3rd year students travel with some professors, to any part of the country. It can be north, middle or south, that is controlled with a draw. This trip is a really good way to know more about my country, which varies depending on the area. It's about a week moving from one place to another on a bus, visiting towns and buying thins. We live temporally in a sports centre and (again) we have some chores like cleaning the bathrroms 8not literally) and spreading food.

Young Gualeguaychú at 4rd year:

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This is an artistic competition where ths students apply for doing different activities: photography, dancing, acting, painting a wall and writing. It's a little bit difficult to enter, but is really interesting when you do it.

The "STALLS" at 25th of May, at 5th year:

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This is one of the most exciting ones. In the 25th of May (national independence day), the 5th students built a stall and send homemade typical food, competing between schools. The students also dance the tyipical songs with the corresponding clothes. At the end of the day, the jury gives the prize (money) to the most beautiful stall and with the most sales.

This festivity is also a good opportunity to celebrate with alcohol. So, the night before, the students go to the Pre-Satll and get drunk.

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The Floats, in 5th year:

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This is celebrated on October (right now!). The students of 5th year build a gorgeous float with an important message expressed in it. They keep on working for 2 months until the big day, when all the city goes to appreciate their job.

"Drive your Course" 5th year:

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As the most of the students of 5th year learn to drive at this times, there is a festivity pefect for the occasion. Each course (a, b or c) post on Instagram some photos telling a sory about a car accident, that the studets "take part of". The one which got more likes, is the one who wins. Also there are other activities (for example, a singing competition) and a circuit race where the students drive the cars.

The LFD (Last First Day) 6th year:

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In this day, the Senior year have a party the day before we start our classes again. When it's time to enter to school, they do it running, all drunk, with loud music.

The "Senior Trip" 6th year:

bariloche, brc, and egresados image bariloche, brc, and egresados image bariloche, brc, and egresados image bariloche, brc, and egresados image

This is the last stay in high school. The Senior year travel to the most pupular city of the country- Bariloche. It's about a week full of theme parties, alcohol, sex and somuch fun. In Bariloche, there are no differences. We are all friends.

The Students' Trip (all the school):

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The BEST DAY EVER. It is celebrated on 21st of september, and it is also called the Spring day's trip. Depending on the school, all the students of the institute go to an speific plece in the city (in my case, we go to a kind of countryside) and we spend all the day there. The senior year organises allll the trip months before, which is so cool, because it is their last student's trip. We sit under the trees and do nothing, we play with water, the Senior year prepares coreographies (and some other years too). And in the end of the day, we play with foam and colored powders.

The "Serenade" 5th year and Senior year:

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This is celebrated the day beore the Students' Trip. Both yers go to school at night wearing costumes (the Senior year wearing all the same ones, and 5th year wearing whatever they want). The Senior year sings some songs to the professors that they are there, and then both years go to a club and party until they go to the trip.

I hope you liked this article.
Thanks 4 reading!