Waves collide and clash, and the tide is divided. The artists painted grey hues over the golden oasis, which dragged the reluctant sun along with it, as it gradually disappeared.

We tiptoed on the edge of a cliff. The wind danced, slipping through our delicate lungs. Gravity pulled us closer, and my vision cleared. A natural catastrophe awoke with the quake of our touch.

How were we to know? Trapped in the hands of time, the bad feeling fogged up our view through the hourglass.

You hesitantly took my hands, not to undo the cords but to hold them one last time. Thunder shook, and lightning seized you out of my hands. In a violent whisper, your goodbye echoed through the emptiness, a whirlwind of emotions spiraling down to nothingness when I looked down. It's all we could've done, right?

Now I watch as your figure fades away, replaced by the cold, detached air. I shiver, reaching out for someone who was never there. The lights slowly dim, and the picture descends into darkness once more.

- hmc