An average girl trying to find a place in this world. Yeah, i'm 22 and life is a bit messy. I am living away from my family trying to prove myself I can do it. I have a job, a decent one for young professionals, earning just enough to pay for rent, pay bills, buy food and clothes. Okay, i have no boyfriend. It's when you like someone and he likes you too but the world just don't want you two to be together. All the given variables are not on the perfect timing. I am totally confused with most of my life decisions so i regret some. Well, after then we just have to move on. I don't even know how to choose best photos to post for instagram. Or the right angle for selfies on Snapchat. Good thing, i know, for sure, I like pasta more than pizza and mixed fruits are best for breakfast. I still don't know myself. I'm a big mess, i guess. Still, blessed to have really good friends and loving family. It's sad that sometimes I look at the mirror and cry myself out. That I can't sleep at night because of all the thoughts, what ifs, hopes and dreams that is running in my mind. True, all the thinking sucks. It's thinking you've given your best and still not enough. Being the kindest person but taken advantage of. Or pouring yourself to someone who doesn't even care about you. After all, it's how you loved and not how you were loved, right? And maybe fixing problems you definitely should prioritize. Like to fight scoliosis and back aches. That I should jog more often. How to spend less and save more money. To have a good relationship and communication with everyone that loves and cares for you. Doing skincare routine for a younger and brighter glow. Again, a LOT.

It's easy to say, we just have to stay positive and always do our best. But life is really hard and sometimes we really need to put our guards down and cry. What's important is after the breakdowns, we still get up and fight. We believe that miracles and magic are true. And that things will work out for us. If it's meant to be, it will find it's way. And if not, I hope we have the courage to accept that some things aren't meant for us. We just have to keep learning. We are young and still have a lot to go through. We are young yet determined and strong. We can make it.

Article IV,