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In case you don't know, I love writing sm. I actually use Wattpad, but not that much as my personal diaries and notebooks. But one of my old wattpad books got to my heart and, even though it's really bad written because it's from years ago, I'm trying to re-write it. So, the principal character is named Abrilisia. And today, to know better my character and to become a better writer, I decided to intruduce you to her!

💣Let's Start💣

.Name: Abrilisia

When I was younger I used to think that my name was Abrilisia, when it really was Abril (or April in English) I decided to name this character with this name to highlight it's immaturity (sometimes), and the power that it has to see things in other ways

. Age: 21

. Zodiac Sign: Geminis

.Birthday: 7th June


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Blond hair, light blue eyes, not so pale neither so suntanned, freckles, big lips, long eyelashes.

. Personality

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Abrilisia is a great fighter. She's been through lot's of stuff, and sometimes she doesn't face her problems correctly. She does things without thinking twice, and sometimes repents later. With the people she loves, she is the best person on Earth. Her big heart makes everyone smile. Though, with the people that bother her, she can be the angriest and coldest person. She hates when someone hurts her friends (or her family) and isn't scared at all of revenge.

. Tattoos and Piercings

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She's only got two little tattoos. The first one is a letter A, and she shares it with her boyfriend. Their names both start with A, so it's a way to remember each other when they are away. (He did the tattoo first and then she decided to do one that looked exactly the same) The second one says "Feel Free", and it's a reminder for her, she does really need it.



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Abrilisia goes to a Military Camp with her friends, so this is what she usually wears.

*To go out*

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She likes to wear all different kinds of things when she's able to go out!


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-She loves practicing with her gun at the camp.
-She likes having walks by the forest
-She always tries to study a lot, her dream has always been to go to college someday, although she can't afford that.
-She likes watching the sky and the clouds and thinking about everything.

. Family

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Her parents died, she has a sister and her grandma is still alive, but she doesn't know any of this things. She considers as her own family her boyfriend and her closest friends. She also has a cousin, but they don't see each other frecuently because she lives in another country.

. Where she lives

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I'm not quite sure yet, but all I can tell you is that she spends mosto of the time at military camp, as she doesn't have anywhere else to go. That's her home.

. Friends

She has two best friends, Priegue and Cuco, but then she also meets Theo, with whom she will be envolved in a relationship later. Her best friend is her boyfriend, Ambrosio, and she trusts him even more than she trusts herself.
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