NAME: Lucy Botwright

Date of birth: June 12.

B L O O D - S T A T U S :

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halfblood: because my father is halfblood too, but my mother is a muggle.

I am Spanish but when I got the letter, I did not think about it and decided it was a great opportunity, since my father could never study because they were not good times.
I do not have brothers and my cousins โ€‹โ€‹are not magicians so I am the only successor.


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I'm blonde, I have big green eyes, I'm short and I'm always smiling.


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I love hippie clothes and always try to be well dressed and as comfortable as possible.


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I am a very friendly person and always enjoy things. I love vintage things, I like to read, go to the cinema, dance, draw, travel, take photos... And I'm always happy and I love play the fool too.

My Patronus:

Manx Cat

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manx cat: those with this Patronus are usually calm under pressure and good in difficult situations. Another feature of witches with this patronus is ferocity. Being both fierce to those on the wrong side of them and fiercely loyal to allies.

My pet: Luna

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Samoyed dog named LUNA


harry potter, wand, and ollivanders image harry potter, wand, and magic image dragones image hufflepuff, harry potter, and yellow image
Hornbeam wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 ยพ" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility

Favorite places

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The prefectsโ€™ bathroom, the astronomy tower, Hagridโ€™s Hut, hufflepuffs common room.

Favorite subjects

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Quiddicth position

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Favourite charmes

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She is my best friend.
Emma is obsessed with sirens and everything related to them.
She belongs to Ravenclaw and would like to work in Muggle relationships.


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She likes to study since she always wants to be the best, Alice cares a lot about what they think about her.
She belongs to hufflepuff.
She would like to be a spell recorder.


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Dylan is my boyfriend. He is one of those people who care and are aware of you but he is jealous and everything revolves around him. He always ends up in fights, but he has a huge heart.
He belongs to Slytherin. He would like to dedicate himself and study to the care of animals because he has a unique ability with them.

Fred and George Weasley

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Fred and George are my two best friends, we've known each other forever and never separated.
The weasleys are like my second family, Ron and Ginny like my little brothers.