*my personal improvements
**might take a long time


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I wanna trim and maybe color my hair? probably velvet/maroon


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For makeup at school, I wanna keep it natural with gloss and mascara. I'm gonna start using lip scrubs a lot more(you can just mix sugar and oil instead of buying it!)


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Personally, I don't force myself to stick to a strict diet. But throughout the school year I usually eat a salad/sandwich for lunch and bagel or cereal for breakfast. I try to eat bananas as much as possible


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Sometimes I workout, but most of the time i don't (woops). I need to start doing this.


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I need to keep up with my nails more. I wanna just do a clear polish or white as often as possible


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I need to start buying gum!
I also need to find a specific perfume/scent, and figure out how to make it last.


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I'm actually not failing so far! good start. I need to continue writing my hw and work down. I also need to get my laptop fixed


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I'm going to England next year so I gotta start saving up, and i want to go to concerts


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I use Pond's cold cream to remove makeup (face and eye). I then use a mud mask, wash that off and use rose water. Then i use vitamin E oil for scars.

** i might make a follow up post in a couple months!