Time Travel or Space Travel

Temporarily removed vintage, retro, and aesthetic image
✦ Time Travel

Roses or Wildflowers

flowers, pink, and nature image flowers, nature, and aesthetic image
✦ Wildflowers

Rainy days or Stormy nights

grunge, lightning, and sky image sky, tumblr, and lightning image
✦ Stormy nights

Swim in the sea or Gaze at the stars

sky, planets, and space image planet, stars, and space image
✦ Gaze at the stars

Dragons or Mermaids

dragon, fantasy, and aesthetic image dragon image
✦ Dragons

Movie theater or Arcade

purple, aesthetic, and arcade image neon, purple, and aesthetic image
✦ Arcade

Carousel or Rollercoaster

Temporarily removed pink, aesthetic, and carousel image
✦ Carousel

Moonlight or Candlelight

moon, night, and dark image Temporarily removed
✦ Moonlight

Tea or Coffee

Image removed autumn, coffee, and fall image
✦ Coffee

Early Bird or Night Owl

Image removed neon, sleep, and light image
✦ Night Owl

Dogs or Cats

cat, aesthetic, and milk image Temporarily removed dog, pink, and animal image dog, animal, and cute image
✦ both

werewolves or vampires

blood, boy, and dark image Temporarily removed
✦ werewolves

makeup or no makeup

makeup, stars, and eyes image megan fox, jennifer's body, and movie image
✦ makeup

silver or gold

Temporarily removed gold, makeup, and aesthetic image
✦ gold

tattoos or piercings

tattoo, rose, and flowers image aesthetic, alternative, and blondie image
✦ tattoos

Rap or Rock

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed
✦ rock