name - essie

rose, night, and moon image Temporarily removed
meaning ; star like

goddess of

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dreams and the night sky


  • mother - selene
fashion, black, and details image dark, Queen, and black image
goddess of the moon, sometimes referred to as luna and the ‘mother’ of vampires.
  • father - erebus
crown, fantasy, and ink image boy, crown, and king image
primordial god of darkness.


hair, purple, and braid image Temporarily removed
has a mixture of purple and blue


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green eyes that stand out


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wears a lot of black and star related clothing and jewelry

when essie enters the human world at sundown her clothing changes to blend in

clothes, fashion, and fitness image fashion, style, and outfit image black, fashion, and jeans image nails, black, and rings image
to hide her birthmark essie has tattoos on her wrist and arms. she likes to wear jewelry and wears flowy clothing


essie likes to express herself in anyway possible

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essie enjoys reading, taking pictures, rainy days, painting, and trying new looks with makeup


able to enter dreams, manipulate people's thoughts, and control over the night sky; is also able to enter the human world as a teenager at sundown


bambi, birthmark, and character image once upon a time, ️ouat, and lily page image
a birthmark on her wrist


stars, moon, and necklace image moon and sky image
a sign that says her presence is a moon and a star together