I got the idea from my previous article:

This is in no way to disrespect any of the signs. In fact, the idea originated from my own sign. Don't take it seriously. No sign is perfect. They all have negative traits.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed doll image annabelle image
Annabelle: Super Hyper. Can't be still/always moving around. Can't be tamed or contained; it's not always a good thing.


memories, movie quote, and scars image Image removed insidious, stefani scott, and insidious chapter 3 image insidious image
Insidious: Hot-headed. Self-indulgent. Has inner Demons. Wants the best for themselves, but can be their own enemy.


movie, the beast, and james mcavoy image gif, movie, and cinema image movie, split, and anya-taylor joy image james mcavoy, split, and the beast image
Split: Always switching sides. Sometimes they mix both sides and confuse others. Deceitful. Spontaneous. Multiple sides.


1976, carrie, and Prom image Temporarily removed carrie, 90s, and blood image carrie image
Carrie: Very nice and happy until you push them too far. Self-destructive. Can be a pushover. Sometimes they don't know when to stop. Hopeless.


gif, Tim Curry, and pennywise image it, movie, and terror image pennywise it image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
It: Although the lion seems fearless, they have fears like everyone else. Can only be nice to lure you into their trap. Impatient. Dominating.


american, belgium, and fashions image horror image ghost, horror, and movie image horror and the conjuring 2 image
The Nun: Wants to change others to look pleasing in their eyes. Not what you think. Sometimes they contradict themselves. Overcritical.


Image by ninaslina ॐ gif image poltergeist image poltergeist, 1982, and film image
Poltergeist: Can be vulnerable because they're so nice. Doesn't always read the signs. Takes forever to pick a side. Unreliable.


the conjuring and invocação do mal image horror, doll, and annabelle image house, black and white, and the conjuring image creepy, dark, and filme image
The Conjuring: Vengeful. Possessive of their things and people. Manipulative. Nice when you meet them; crazy when you know them.


Temporarily removed curse of chucky image Image by bsrarsb curse of chucky image
Curse of Chucky: Just wants to have "fun". Irresponsible. No filter/blunt. Careless. Always on the run.


Image removed Temporarily removed black and white, horror, and movie image horror image
Texas Massacre Chainsaw: Seems predictable at first. Values some people more than others. Detached from emotions.


scream, funny, and scary movie image scream, horror, and ghostface image blood, boy, and mad image daisy, emma, and kieran image
Scream: Mocking. Wanting others to feel their pain. Scared from past lovers. Wants revenge for fun. Friendly with a dark side. Aloof. Extremist.


80s, a nightmare on elm street, and a hora do pesadelo image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Nightmare on Elm Street image
Nightmare on Elm Street: Holding on to the past. Always daydreaming. Unrealistic. Trapped in a fantasy world. Gullible.

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