Temporarily removed rain, aesthetic, and umbrella image
it's my fav weather


Temporarily removed book and library image
the feeling that i'm going to buy new books


chocolate, food, and ice cream image cake, food, and chocolate image
someting sweet after dinner


Temporarily removed theme, pool, and water image
makes me feel free


doritos, food, and chips image girl, food, and doritos image
weird, but true

Random playlists

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
i love discovering new ones in whi
if you wanna check for new music


perfume, beauty, and fragrance image makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image
fragances in general


art, paint, and aesthetic image art, painting, and inspiration image
it makes me feel useful, idk


Temporarily removed bts, jungkook, and jimin image
i literally cry omg i love them


fashion and fendi image champion, supreme, and fashion image
i have tons

A good nap

bed, home, and bedroom image girl, bed, and sun image
the key for surviving afetr school


Temporarily removed pizza, food, and delicious image
and who does not

Hanging out

party, grunge, and concert image vodka, party, and alcohol image
to paint the town red, bitch


baking, biscuits, and cake image blueberry, cooking, and inspiration image
love baking specifically


autumn, fall, and coffee image food, fall, and autumn image
my fav season


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
new foooodd

Spicy food

Temporarily removed food, mexican, and mexican food image
my family don't tolerate spicy food, what a pitty

Singing 80's music with y dad in th car

car, music, and couple image Temporarily removed
love when he shares good music with me, it's like a connection that i have with him.

Spending time with friends

aesthetic, alternative, and clouds image Abusive image
love my fuckin idiots so fuckin much

Beeing home alone

Temporarily removed bedroom, aesthetic, and room image
i enjoy that moment

Iced coffee latte

Temporarily removed coffee, drink, and ice image
perfect with doughnuts

Doughnuts (lol)

food, donuts, and sweet image donuts, food, and chocolate image
I miss them :(


girl, body, and dance image Temporarily removed
just for fun

A cup of tea

Temporarily removed book, bed, and coffee image


bag, minimal, and minimalism image fashion, clothes, and shirt image
no budgettttt


beauty, cosmetics, and makeup image beauty, aesthetic, and skincare image
i don't do it that much, but it's still amazing


bubblegum, chicle, and girl image bubblegum, girly, and grunge image
every single fucking day

Looking for inspiration

blue, grunge, and pale image Image by .vous`oui◦
always x2

Raspberries & chocolate

Temporarily removed food, cake, and chocolate image
looove that combination

Listening to music loudly

guitar, aesthetic, and black image Temporarily removed

Thanks 4 reading!