Heyyy my Crownies (my readers), I've seen a lot of writers do this "If I were a," and I have decided why not be a follower...lol..and do Riverdale cuz it's a great show! sooo here i go.

Name Kai Spellman
Age 17
Birthday October 24


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Kai is a distant relative of Sabrina Spellman, hints his last name. He was expelled from his old school due to... his temper with a bully and his prey. His family moved from the city, to a small town, Riverdale and now lives in The Prembrooke building just doors down from Veronica.


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Curly hair, Hazel eyes, and a lot of meaningless tattoos.


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Dresses aesthetically, name brand every now and then.


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Kai is sarcastic, he's full risks caring less of the consequences, a good sketcher, always learning and playing with his magic, another thing is, is that he wards off evil from his family and friend, and rarely the town.

Bestfriends: Veronica Lodge, & Reggie Mantle

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Kai loves all his friends equally but Veronica and Reggie have been there there for him and together they're unstoppable.

Love Interest: Tom Keller

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Everyone knows of Kai being Bisexual, but they have yet to hear that he has a crush on Chief Tom Keller. Except for Veronica that is.


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Believe it or not but this is Kai's grandmother Rose Spellman! She doesn't look bad for 897.
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And their silly cat Euro.

Him, Rose, his mom, dad and older sister died fighting demons that was too close on taking over the world. The battle was won but they were hurt at the end.