having an aesthetic bedroom is more then having a nice bedroom to post about on pinterest and instagram but to have a place where you can go and relax and not get stressed, here are 10 tips that will help you get a instaworthy bedroom:

1.plants plants and more plants!
plants dont only filter the air, they can be used as super cheap room decor! get a clear glass bottle (also another way to recycle glass bottles!) and put a water plant in it!
water plants hardly need any care or maintenance which is another plus!

2.The bed
your bed is the main feature of a bedroom so making it look appealing is a must. if you want an aesthetic room i suggest not using patterned bright bed covers, but instead using a white one! solid colored ones are probably cheaper and you could buy them anywhere!
layers make a bed look so good! Add a couple of pillows and a throw and BAM a amazing bed!

3. DE-clutter!!
you don't want a cluttered bedroom do you? so start by cleaning you desk, and donating or throwing away pointless junk!

4. A feature wall!
having a feature wall has lots of plus sides to it but the main one is having a place to take selfies! hang a wall tapestry at the head of your bed to make your room feel more boho.
red bubble has heaps!

5. twinkle lights
adding some sort of twinkle lights makes a room seem more angelic and peaceful.

6. macrame
hanging macrame on your wall makes it look so natural and goes awesome with a plant, also easier then you think to make

7.a mirror
also very useful a mirror (mirror selfies) makes a room seem bigger and adds a very nice touch to a room.

8.add a bit of vintage
i dont know about you but i love an occasional trip to the antique store you could pick up some vintage room decor for a cheap bargain it can make any room look a million times better!

9.open hanging wardrobe
instead of 'decorating' your floor with your clothes hang some up on a open hanging wardrobe (just make sure they go with your theme) a super easy way to make a room look a lot better

go to your closest office shop and print out some cute pics of you and your friends, and food of course. get mini pegs and peg them on your twinkle lights or stick them on your wall.

thats all for now bye!!
Ruby xx