Space Travel or Time Travel

Temporarily removed vintage, fashion, and girl image
Time Travel

Roses or Wildflowers

flowers, rose, and pink image flowers, japan, and korea image

Rainy days or Stormy nights

adventure, city, and explore image aesthetic, lights, and photography image
Rainy days

Swim in the sea or Gaze at the stars

beauty, sea, and water image girl, bathingsuit, and beach image
Swim in the sea

Dragons or Mermaids

mermaid, yellow, and aesthetic image art, siren, and fantasy image

Movie Theatre or Arcade

Mature image Temporarily removed

Carousel or Rollercoaster

carousel, greys anatomy, and lights image carousel, europe, and flowers image

Moonlight or Candlelight

light, mood, and moon image moon, sky, and night image

Tea or Coffee

food, drink, and coffee image coffee, aesthetic, and drink image

Early ird or Night owl

Image removed Temporarily removed
Early bird

Dogs or Cats

Temporarily removed dog, animal, and cute image

Werewolves or Vampires

Temporarily removed red, aesthetic, and lust image

Makeup or No makeup

girls and skin image beauty, makeup, and aesthetic image
No makeup

Silver or Gold

piercing, ear, and earrings image diamonds, flash, and gold image

Tattoos or Piercing

tattoo, rose, and flowers image tattoo, icon, and red image

Curly hair or Straight hair

fashion, girl, and highlight image Abusive image
Curly hair

Halloween or Christmas

christmas, winter, and snow image christmas, lights, and tree image

Fire or Ice

fire, girl, and aesthetic image Abusive image

Pirates or Ninjas

costume, girls, and ninja image zayn malik, louis tomlinson, and one direction image

Rap or Rock

kurt cobain, nirvana, and grunge image 70s, 80s, and aladdin sane image

Freckles or Dimples

freckles, girl, and smile image alternative, chic, and girls image

Downtown or Countryside

Temporarily removed city, amsterdam, and netherlands image

Short hair or Long hair

hair, girl, and style image girl, beauty, and hair image
Short hair

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