The good times and the bad ones all will pass. But that doesn't mean that it won't hurt you...It means that you care, because it is real, we are humans and all of us have feelings. Don't do yourself a disservice by trying to minimize the pain, because all will end, no matter what good or bad. Some things we can't hold for too long, we all have our days when we are weak, when we can't anymore, even the strongest ones, or successful ones...

Sometimes... you feel like you can't change situation, but just sit back, and wait the time to pass. Stressing over it won't solve anything, but affect your health. Patience is the key for all. Take a deep breath, take a coffee, and think of the ways how to overcome everything, motivate yourself.

➡ Here are some of my tips how to pass those bad days, and stand in the line against them!

1. Family, close people, friends, relatives...

Be near your people, the ones you feel comfortable with, those who can make you happy and with who you can speak about everything without acting and hiding. Where you feel free, like at home. No pressure, no stress and most important no judgement. They will never blame you, but be there, listen you, help, and after all to love you for who you are!

The true people who are the real ones, will never let you down!

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2. Go out

Rest your mind near lake, river, in forest, or go for shopping, to your favourite restaurant, eat ice cream on the street, go watch a movie, plan something with friends or collegues, surprise yourself with even small things. Because those things make our life worth living!

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3. Make time for youself

When we are busy with our duties and responsibilities that make us depressed, angry and sad. We are not a robots, we can't work 24h, we have our weak points, when we break and want the time for ourselves. Do yourself a favour and make some time for you without thinking of work or studies, rest from all so you can take you power back to face everything...

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4. Manage your room

Change something in your room, put something new, add decoration, clean it. We need changes, when life becomes a routine we get bored easily, and depressed. You will even sleep better!

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5. Change your routine

Make different schedule, change your way of spending the day, add more interesting things during your day, go for a coffee between the breaks, you will continue your day more happy like that!

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6. Listen your favourite songs

Something that helps me a lot, your favourite songs will help you to manage everything, and overcome dificulties. It makes your mind run away and stop worrying or thinking of problems. Download them, and let them follow you wherever you go or feel bad. That should be your medicine for everything!

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7. Reading

Take some books or magazines you love, and let your imagination lead you to the other world, world of dreams and where ideas live. Reading before you sleep or on your way to work, college, school...Because at some time your mind needs this, it gets tired. Do for it what it deserves, and it will serve your after!

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8. Travel

Travelling, the best thing ever! Plan something on your vacation, for few days or anytime when you are free, or need the rest. It will help you a lot to meet new people there or new cultures, see how other people live, speak to them, joke and smile. All this helps and gives positive thoughts to you, and even people around you!

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9. Eat well, don't let yourself to skip lunches because you feel bad

Care of your health and your body even during those days, because your body remembers everything. Don't let it suffer, because of you! It doesn't deserve not to be cared of. You must give it what it needs, and it will be thankful.

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10. Most of all solve your problems, don't let them become worst, or affect you

Know what makes you feel like this and try to do something about it, take small steps, think of the ways, and chances you can take, or who could help you. There is always a way for those who seek it, maybe you won't solve it in one day, but just put effort and watch your problem slowly going away. That will surely make your mood back, when you removed all burdens, so you can peacefully continue your life...

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I hope this all help someone, stay confidently, classy and overcome everything that comes to you! You are strong enough dear...Kisses for everyone, until the next time.

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