I hope that you guys will enjoy my suggestions. Any suggestions for more posts, you can send me a message.

1. Halloween Movie Marathon

Halloween, christmas, and 90s image

Since it is October, Halloween movies are out and about. You can watch it on Netflix or this Disney app that allows you watch old Disney movies.

2. Makeup Tutorials

makeup, beauty, and make up image

This would be fun and you guys get to try out new ideas with each other and improve your technique.


girl, light, and Dream image

Yooooo! i haven't done one of these in a while. Sooooo. All I can say is live it up, hunnibvns!!!

4. Photo shoots

girl and happy image

Friends are known to get some of the best unconventional shots of you, so its best you guys cop some outfits and hit them locations!

5. Create a dream board.

art, drawing, and Dream image

Think up of ideas and compile them on a board with goals and ideas for how your future life should be. Then hang it up somewhere to inspire you everyday.

6. Do skincare tutorials

lush image

This could be a really cool project and you guys could end up finding your next skincare routine.

7. Cook!

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You guys could find new recipes and sweet treats. Would be sooo fun making these fun, edible treats.

Thanks my loves. Please stay posted for more posts and hit me up with ideas.!