(Note: I'm writing this based on vedic/eastern astrology, if you've only checked your western astrology I would highly recommend checking your eastern astrology chart first. I personally found eastern astrology to be 100% accurate compared to western and this also happened when I read friends’ chart. Especially if you felt like your zodiac sign didn't fit you perfectly. If you don't know how to check your eastern chart, you can check this website called Astrosage but if you don’t know how to check and use the website you can ask/message me if you want.)
And if you’ve followed me for a while you know I write a lot so...of course this one will be long too lol

Ascendant in Capricorn / Capricorn Rising

People who are Capricorn Sun and Moon may also relate to a lot to the information here, you're Capricorn after all.

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I feel like there’s a lot of misunderstanding with this sign, I feel after Scorpios, capricorns are the second most misunderstood sign.
I hear people saying Capricorns are jerks etc. I would suggest actually checking that person’s vedic astrology chart first for more accuracy and if that person really is a Capricorn then reading this will help you understand how Capricorns actually are and why they are such a way.

Appearance wise, they tend to have high cheekbones, their eyebrows always seem to be on point and they can be quite slim almost to the point that they can appear physically frail (but if they have other dominating signs like Libra in their chart, they may be more curvy). Oddly, capricorn boys are very tall but capricorn girls are quite short (unless there’s another sign affecting the first house). But their expressions are almost always serious and grouchy like. They have pretty almond shaped eyes and lips that often turn into little smirks.

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They appear responsible and intelligent, even nerdy, without thinking you may go to them for advice because they look like they have all the answers. However, they can have this unapproachable aura to them, it’s like they have a ‘do not disturb’ sign in their aura. In that way they may come across as intimidating, especially when looking into their big, dark eyes, you’d feel like you have to turn away just to take a deep breath. Perhaps it is this mysterious and intimidating aura that makes them appear sexy as well as the way they look like they have everything under control. They may look older/more mature when young but as they age they may appear younger. Capricorn risings tend to age backwards, this may because Capricorn risings live a harder life when younger with lots of responsibilities, failures and hardship to bear because the ruler of Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn has a very strict father like effect. Saturn gives these hardship/lessons to Capricorn to learn about patience, compassion and determination, but Saturn is also very fair, those who have learned what they need to learn will be greatly rewarded later in life.

First look at these guys, they can appear very serious especially with the poker face they wear daily. Some may say they look boring however this is where you fall into the trap, these kind of assumptions stops you from really seeing what’s really behind that poker face. Capricorns will only take off this mask with people they feel they can trust and those who they feel comfortable with because they can be quite insecure people.
Behind that mask is a very humorous, kind and sincere individual.
They are very funny, their sense of timing with jokes is impeccable, they can tell a joke and keep a straight face through it, making it funnier. And not a lot will see their mischievous side because this is one sign that is very mischievous indeed.
They can also be sarcastic and cold at times too.

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They can come across as quiet and mysterious because they are very private people and this may appear sexy to some especially with those penetrating eyes of theirs.

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They operate in a business manner, getting things done by pushing emotions to one side and they are very ambitious. Compliments and actions from a Capricorn are always sincere, you know you can trust in their words because they expect truth from people so they themselves always try to speak the truth. Their ways and actions may not be as grand as others but you can always expect sincerity from them. Capricorns in general are very honorable people. They are very hard working, if they say they will complete a task then they will do it, just like they promised. They always follow through with their words.

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When one thinks of Capricorn they think money and success, in most cases this is true. There's a lot who may be jealous of Capricorn, thinking it was easy for them to attain that money and success when in reality they had to go through many failures and hardship in life in order to gain this success. Part of the reason they become successful in what they attempt is that capricorns are the most hard working sign in the zodiac, in that way they are very powerful because they give their whole 100% into whatever they are doing. They are very dedicated in what they do, that's why they climb up the ladder of success easily and others around them recognize this and have deep respect for them.
For those Capricorn Rising individuals who seem to be having a lot of failure and feel like everyone else is becoming more successful before them and feel left behind. This is all for a reason, Saturn puts these obstacles in your life so you learn to get rid of your fear of failure and to learn determination and patience. Saturn will reward you if you learned your lessons. That’s why a lot of Capricorns Risings are success stories, because they earned it. They usually earn great success and wealth later in life, so hang in there, all that hard work you do will not go unnoticed.

People should not feel scared to reach out to Capricorn risings, they are respectable and kind people who will hear you out and actually would want to become your friend.
I feel either people find them intimidating or perhaps they give off a very confident vibe, which can be mistaken as being arrogant but they are very kind and sensitive people.
Sometimes even their posture can seem arrogant, I'll be one to say I don't why but it just feels comfortable to be in that posture it's not that they are purposely trying to be overconfident. But if they are being arrogant then just understand it comes from being insecure especially because this is one earth sign that tries its best to avoid emotions (even though it doesn't work, emotions are very important and you need to acknowledge how you feel otherwise it can affect you and your relationships)

The many hardship and responsibilities in their lives shaped them to have this tough exterior, just be yourself with these people and they will love and respect you. Capricorn can also detect liars and fake people so be warned there, Capricorns like real and sincere people.
But understand that their poker face mask is just a way of hiding their insecurities, they actually want to reach out to people but their fear of being rejected is what stops them. Sure they enjoy their alone time but they are funny and goofy people who are always up for a good laugh and a friendly talk and even offer help and advice because they are very wise and helpful people.

I've noticed a lot of people think Capricorns reject spirituality etc. And let me clear this misunderstanding, this is very far from the truth. Being a capricorn rising and being surrounded by other capricorns, I can tell you with complete confidence capricorns are one of the most spiritual signs. They are strong manifestors, they are very in astrology and energies etc. They understand giving your whole energy into things help you manifesting the success you want. And capricorns in general are very wise souls, that's why they are able to provide insightful advice, they are always open to help others. They can come across as controlling but that's because they use their intellect and wisdom in helping you because they know what's going to help you.

A lot of capricorns fall under the wise ones category:

Capricorn Girls

They may seem shy and awkward in the corner but once you see her friends approach her, her whole face lights up into a very delightful smile. They have very attractive smiles or should I say smirks. With these girls, there is always more than meets the eyes, just when you thought they were boring and just book smart they come out with a comment that makes everyone laugh. Suddenly, that quiet, goody two shoes in class has transformed into this fun and cute person, that's how she pulls you in with these unexpected charms of hers. That being said Capricorns can be very sassy people too. Capricorns are very smart people, if you are being fake with them, trust me, they know, just don't try to con these people because they always know what's going on. Even if they don't want to admit it, they need affection, so they tend to either attract or be attracted to the cancer types. Cancers feel like home to them, they have this warm, softness that fits perfectly with Capricorn.
If a Cap girl is mean to you and always seems to say some sarcastic thing to you then she either really doesn't like you or really really likes you she just sucks at showing it lol
But truth is although she may come across as cold, she is very loyal and will give her partner her dedication and her whole heart.
Capricorn girls grow up to be fine women, they are the idols and success stories, most become powerful and influential people when they get older especially if they are good/hardworking people. Because of this they don't need a guy to rely on because she brings in all the success and money, she's the smart provider and some people may be intimidated or jealous of them. But if she so wishes then she can have the pick of her choice because she's worked hard in improving herself and her life, she's smart, giving, sexy, dedicated and she deserves the best.

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Capricorn Boys

Capricorn boys are the epitome of a Gentleman, they treat people with respect and they are polite. He either has an impassive expression or a very intense look in his eyes or both at once (I don't even know that was even possible but it is lol)
They may appear cold or boring but once you talk to them you realize how funny and goofy they are, you fall for his mysterious vibe and how well he handles himself and his life because Capricorns look like they have it all together. They are very polished people, he may seem a bit awkward but he will make your heart flutter with his sincerity and kindness. His slight smirks and sudden comments pulls you to him, he leaves you needing to know more about him. They are the nerdy guys that you ignored and even rejected when you were younger but he will grow up to be quite the man, with not only the young, attractive appearance but also the success and wealth. Capricorn boys are the definition of a man. They can be workholics but that's what makes them sexy, nothing is sexier than watching a capricorn guy at work, the intense determination in their eyes as they work will make you feel all kinds of things.

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