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So all we know that human heart has hidden treasures in secret kept in silence sealed the thoughts the hopes the dreams the pleasures and especially the image of who really he is .. so many of u were wondering who is she ..
She is the architect of her life she is building her own foundation and she choose her own bricks she is also made from all the people she has encountered and all the things she has experienced .. inside of her heart she holds the laughter of her friends the arguments with her parents and talking about that means talking about daily conversations about her .. they don t see her perfect enough and she doesn t care at all .. they don,t like her behavior when she is just acting as a normal girl but the thing is that she is living her life just like it s gonna be her last day she is enjoying every part of her day even if she has a prob its okay .. sometimes she feels she is the mean negative person that she is trying to push away so she just keep on checking and motivationg her self . mistakes are opportunities so she looks at them then try to move on .. she had a lot of friends but now she choose the ones that stood by her side and helped her to get through her pain so she did the same for them she have been betrayed a thousand times she got hurt every when she feels okay. her friends see her kind cute and weird . in fact they are her weakness point because when it comes to them she becomes lost in the sea .. actually she lost the best of her best and she still can t move on him cz friendship is deeper relation between human being she is totally broken after when she found her missing peace anyway maybe one day they ll be friends again sometimes people judge her for no reason when they can t handle the half of what she has dealt with so that why she is the person who is .. she is positive enough she is authentic with her words she has flaws and that s okay she made mistakes and she learnt from them she learnt that there are things don t always trun out the way we planned there are things that go wrong and don t always get fixed .. so we just have to build new ones with new thoughts and new hopes