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Today I will be talking with you about how you can pack like a pro!♡
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There aren't really much else to talk about, so without further ado, let's get started;

Find your suitcase

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Find your suitcase! Remember to be reasonable with your size; if you're only going away for four day's you will not need your extra big suitcase! So remember; be reasonable.

Will you go shopping?

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If you know you'll go shopping & you'll buy a lot, bring a medium to big sized suitcase. Just so you have the extra space.

Plan in advance

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Plan your outfits in advance instead of packing down your entire closet!


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SSS or Save Some Space! You can save a lot of space if you roll your clothes instead of folding them by rolling your clothing instead of folding it you also decrease the risk of your clothing starting to crease!

Pack at least one ...

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Pack at least one cozy outfit, one outfit for working out, one swimsuit and a towel! If you are staying within the borders of your own country (aka driving somewhere) try researching a place where you can bring your pet!


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Your electronics will need chargers, so remember to pack your phone, tablet, phone charger & a spare charger. If you have homework or assignments due to after the vacation, remember to pack your computer/laptop, charger & school books + notes.

Free time

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Remember to pack at least one book! It's so good to have something you can just sit & read, besides then you have an excuse to have your family leave you alone & get some well-earned alone time. You can also pack a sketchbook/notebook, pens, pencils & other good stuff.


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Pack some necessities such as your headset, headphones, blanket, fluffy socks, skincare routine, clothing...

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I am actually going on a vacation tomorrow, so I am really excited about this & the tips in my article definitely work for me all the time!♡
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