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So I am joining the #GoldenInsecurities project and so this article will be talking about insecurities.

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Insecurities don't exist if you don't create them ... so don't create them.
The more you are in denial about your insecurities then the more they will affect you negatively so you should accept them and own them, that way they will hurt less. Specifically if it is something like your skin color or your height which are things that you can't change, then you should accept them cause chances are that its gonna be like that for a long time. Learn to be confident in your own skin basically.

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You can do this by :

1. surrounding yourself with people who make you forget about your insecurities.

People who you can be your self around. Those who you know will never judge you. I know that its impossible to always constantly be around these people but it helps as they are the only ones who matter.

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2. Don't care about opinions

If the don't know you personally then don't take it personal. We often let others control our lives by letting their opinions affect us. When people judge you or make fun of you about those things that you're insecure about, don't take it to heart because the truth is that those are just opinions so THEY ARE NOT FACTS!!

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3. Positive Self Talk

You can sometimes be your biggest critique so it matters how you speak to yourself. Make positive affirmations for yourself eg. ' I Know And Accept My True Self ' . This way you will be more confident in who you are and will not be negatively affected

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To an extent everyone does this which is bad because there will always be someone with something that you don't have so either way if you keep comparing yourself to other people, i will always make you sad and that doesn't help the situation.

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5. Just live life and don't give a f**k

Worrying about insecurities restrains you from living in the moment and enjoying life. Life is too short for you to be worrying all the time. At the end of the day, some of the insecurities that we have are what make us unique and different from everyone else. No matter what, you are beautiful inside and out because different is beautiful. Society Norms are cliche and boring. You don't have to look a certain way to be beautiful. You just have to be you. So live your life the way YOU want to live it and don't give in to societal norms.

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I really hope that this article has helped you in one way or another.

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Lots of love - Vivs