Welcome ladies and gentlemen,

since you're here, you probably must've gotten really lost in the dephts of this web. But since we've met, I promise you that this time will (not) be wasted. (Says the girl who is writing this out of pure boredom and an awful reluctance to study economy, just so you are aware, what you're signing up for.)

Apparently, there are no people without motivation, yet we can define a rather large group of lazy folks, procrastnators (hi, that's me, that's you, that's everyone). Albeit while we're here, shall I begin, for I've already taken quite a lot of your precious time.

So here's the list of most common words and says in my dictionary that (are not funny at all, as I'm overall not that fun person to be around with) I have no idea why I'm so eager to share:

1. I'm so done with school, I'm moving to Greenland.

2. Someone lend me a bullet, I'll offer it to someone who invented education.

3. Only mathematical equation that I'm capable of solving is the value of my hatred for school, it's infinity.

4. I can't believe teachers used to be human beings.

5. "Fuck it." writes in her notebook: 'homework in the development'

6. I never have plans for an 'after school' as I rather not make appointments I might not be capable of keeping, it's always a mistery whether I'll survive school that day.

7. However, once another day is over and I'm actually alive after all of these tortures, "physically I'm fine, mentally I'm bruised".

8. Am I handicapped or the author of this textbook was drunk while writting it?

9. Have I mentioned how much I hate school and how I have close to nothing motivation?

And that's it, I'll be back to procrastinating...