Coco usually gives me space, but today she is following me around everywhere. She even came with me to work. I think it's because she knows I'm lonely now that Cole is gone. He's in Afghanistan and I am petrified that I am never going to see him again. I find it sweet and comforting that she's with me, but it's difficult to explain this while at the workplace. There are more humans here than other species. And I mean I only ran into one other person that was a wolf and she was fired about six months ago. I put her in one of my desk drawers, leaving it open so she could breathe. I just can't have her flying around. I felt her watching me the entire day - peeking out with those piercing eyes.

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I was in the middle of fitting a model Katie when I was hit with this wave of nausea. Oh no. Do not puke on the model...or on yourself. I stepped back and tried to breathe deeply. Nope. This was happening. "Excuse me," I said and ran to the bathroom.

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There, I spilled my guts. I felt so sick. Did I have poisoning? After feeling slightly less nauseous, I washed out my mouth. I did not have time to be sick. I had to catch up on work. I had school work to do when I got home. It's finals week and then graduation. I took another deep breath and fixed my makeup. I walked out and popped a mint in my mouth. "Sorry about that," I said, and got back to measuring Katie. "Morning sickness?" she asked, nonchalantly. " had Chinese food last's most likely food poisoning," I told her. Morning sickness. NO way I was pregnant. "Do yourself a favor and take three pregnancy tests when you're off duty. I know a pregnant woman when I see one. It's like I'm a baby detector," she said quite seriously. I laughed it off and continued working.

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"Alright, you're all done. I will talk to your manager to set up a date when you'll come back and try the dresses on," I said, tossing the tape measure over my shoulder. She changed back into her clothes and put $50 on my desk. "Get those pregnancy tests," she said, and walked out. I stared at the money. I was sexually active. I can't be pregnant! I can't be a single mother! I was starting to feel sick again. I plopped down in my seat and closed my eyes.