Names are the personal map of everyone ,it shows the way you had walking in and how, it guides you to finish your way in life and inspires you to create a world of the meaning of yourself.

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Luckily, my name describes me well. Noor, light in Arabic. what shows that I am the meaning of light-of Allah "god". the light of faith and hope.
since my name was actually part of me, it helps me in every complicated way when i need light, when i forget the meaning of faith, when i forget myself, when I lost everything. my name was still here, reminding me to "be the light even when you're blind inside...."

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The story of my name is a mix between Coincidences in the eye of humans and destiny in the eye of Allah. I was born here in Egypt, My dad was reading Quran and praying, The surah he haply find was Al-NOOR, THE LIGHT...where he decided to name me.

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so, in the end of DAY.1, I'm trying until now to be the light in every way i face everything.

wait for me in DAY.2 tomorrow : LIST 10 THINGS MAKES YOU HAPPY.

love you all angels,xoxo