Day 25: Write about a place you felt happy

Today, I am supposed to share with you a place that makes me feel happy, but wouldn't you guys rather me spin that around and write about a happy place? I thought so.

Previously, I have discussed Happiness and what I think that means, and what happiness is for me. However, if you or I have learned anything this past month, it is that I am repetitive and that I ramble. So, with that being said, and with the end of the 30 Day Writing Challenge coming to an end, I expand on my thoughts of Happiness and explore the realm of Happy Places.

A memory, situation, or activity that makes you feel happy. That is the definition of a happy place.

This follows my thoughts on being happy, with it being not a certain place or thing, but multiple little things that add up into a big one. With this being said, a happy place is also someplace you go mentally, a place that is yours and only yours. It's a place you can check into when you want to check out of reality. Its peaceful, pleasureful, and powerful. It is an alternate reality you create for yourself.

In a sense of the simulation theory, in Sims terms: you, are a sim, being played by another form in a higher place and you, a sim, go to play Sims Forever on the computer. If you don't get it, play the sims.

Anyways, happy places are the same as happiness- different for everyone. Because they are a mental place made by each individual, the likely hood of us sharing happy places are nill.

For me, my happy place is me living life in a city, successful in whatever I am doing, and surrounded by friends. I go to my happy place a lot right now. Sometimes I will be watching tv and have to rewatch the whole show because I was in my happy place.

However, going back to the definition, a happy place is also a memory, situation, or activity.

Like the memories of living with my best friend and being able to support myself financially, the memories of being able to work along side my best friends everyday, or simply remembering being in the same venue as my idols even if I was too dumb to not meet them. It could be the time I spend with my family on Christmas, or Christmas in general. It could also be me writing my thoughts out in black and white, not holding back, not paying attention to detail, just writing.

That seems to be my favorite at the moment- writing without paying attention.

That always brings about the best content also.

I just start writing and then zone out and type away, thinking of nothing but which letters to touch next.

A happy place is not just a singular place that makes one feel happy. It is so much more than that... It is a state of mind. It is a sanctuary. Without it, most of us would go mad.

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