I just wanted to be good. A good friend, a good daughter, a good sister, a good person. I hated when I just couldn't get things right. When my imperfections showed. When I had to repent because I'm too weak to fight the devil on my own.

I just wanted to be good. Because I know what bad can do to a person. It can damage them and make life miserable for them and those around them. But I knew if I was good, I wouldn't bring chaos and madness. I could bring joy, peace, and laughter. And most importantly... love.

I just wanted to be good. If I was good, then people would love me. They would want me. I would be seen as "sweet" and "lovable." They'd treat me with care and respect. They would treat me as if I had value.

I just wanted to be good. God is good. And if God loves me then I have to give Him something to love. So I must be good. For Him. I have to be... or else, I can't be loved by Him. Not truly. Not fully. Right?

Not right.

I never realized that God loves me so much that His love can't even possibly get stronger than it is now. He sees me and sees my worth and value. He looked at me and said, "she's worth dying for. That's how much I want her."

My "goodness" doesn't determine how much My Love, My God cares for me or loves me.

I can't always be the good daughter, the good sister, or the good friend. But God will always be a Good God. And He will continue to love me even if I am too weak to be the "best" version of me.

What about you? Are you trying so hard to be good? Good at sports? Good at work? Good at family and friendships?

Just know that God sees you and loves you. And that love, His sacrifice, has already made you good enough in His sight.


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