Then maybe the waves should take me
Let me drown my sorrow
I want to leave
But I am so scared
That I will never find the light
But as I watch the ocean
I know
We have to become one
Take my body
And do what you want with it
Let me unite with you
Let me be in your arms
Your cold wet hands
Are touching me
As my body is becoming as cold as you
My soul is released from these gates
Go away
Don’t look behind
Hide in the stars
And let it float
It will find its way..
Back home
Search for your happiness
Have all you wished for
And forget the scars
The traces from this corpse
Are now away
Will ever somebody find it?
Will ever somebody care?
Loved ones..
The question is on your lips
Because this is where fate brought us
And I was done fighting
I was ready to let it go
I was ready to be embraced by the sea
Life into the fire
Death into the water…