Hello guys, how have you been? I did not find the time to write earlier (not that made a difference to you but shh). I hope you are all okay, if not you should know you can always message me.
Anyway, what it's this very sad title?
I have been remembering some stuff that makes me think about it and I just felt like sharing. I'll explain later, after my sad sad (not so sad) memories.

Please keep in mind, these are only a few glimpses into my younger self. There is so much more, sadder, happier memories.

So, where to start? How about... alright, so there was this one time, I think it was on fifth grade. There were only 5 girls in my class (not counting myself). I never dressed up like them and was usually walking with my 'best friend' or playing marbles(is this how you call it?)
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This guys!
But what I want to tell you guys is... There was this day we all combined to bring the same sweater (it is really commons to buy for kids ok?) with the same color, the baby blue. So next day rolls, and guess what... They ALL bring the white one! Yeah, right. Later that day, they talked between them and decided to change forgetting me (nothing new, I struggle to be remembered I guess.). And then one teacher goes like...

- Oh! How cute all the girls using the same. - Laughs. - Oh, you didn't, why didn't you?

The teacher said something else, but honestly I don't remember, only the laughs from them, very low, like giggles. Yeah, that stung. I didn't tal to any of them for the rest of the week. Girls are awful.
So, that's the first one. Next, with the girls as well, same year but on the end of school year. We had this game, it doesn't matter. But we were suppose to draw our class number.. You get the idea. They said to all of us to a different kind of letter (font). And I was one of the last ones! So I draw this A... Wait...
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Like this a, machine like.
They were like "who drew this?" very disgusting like, no kidding. I was so ashamed of myself. I think that was the point I started to catch the letters I liked the most of the most different people and built my calligraphy.

As you can see, I was picked passively. This kind of thing, built who you are in the future. I'm super self-conscious doing the most simple and silly things. Super uptight, I know this... But it's okay, know that I know, that I defined what my 'problem' was... I can focus on it and correct it if it is my wish.

Don't be ashamed of yourself. Different can be so good. Difficult? Yes, without a doubt, but so much worth it, of course you will only see it later.

There is so much to tell, but so little time.

So I've been busy with college (let's not even starting on that stress!), but writing is always a good way out, even if only for a few minutes.

Thanks for reading, if you wish to share anything (ANYTHING) don't hesitate! I'm always open for new people in my life. New stories!

Hm, I think I'm not forgetting anything... Alright, so until next time guys! Take care of yourselves!

P.S.: Also, if you want to help me tag this article that would be lovely, because I'm not so sure, what tags should I mark for more people to find it but not lying about the content.