Dear you,
during summer I started watching this tv show and now I'm obsessed with it... while I'm waiting for the third season I think it would be cool to make an aesthetic article about it :)

Let's travel to the upside down!

Nancy Wheeler

pizza, girl, and food image aesthetic, fashion, and converse image 80s, bullshit, and drinks image fashion, girl, and vintage image
she's my favorite character so far: she's smart, kind, sweet, brave and beautiful, nothing can stops her

Jonathan Byers

kiss, love, and couple image record, aesthetic, and vintage image aesthetic, nowhere, and theme image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
he sometimes reminds me of myself: he's shy but he has so much potential, he is sweet and caring, he would do anything to protect the people he loves

Steve Harrington

vintage, flowers, and indie image flowers, car, and red image love, red, and aesthetic image couple, love, and aesthetic image
he's simply... Steve! He's funny, cool and caring. He wants to look strong and superficial but deep down he's such a sweetheart!


aesthetic, alternative, and bob image Temporarily removed blood, grunge, and aesthetic image stranger things, eleven, and friends image
she's been through a lot but she's alive, she's powerful, she's strong and brave. Every girl should own her strenght

Will Byers

80s, aesthetic, and joyce image black, blue, and music image aesthetic and stranger things image hospital image
he's just a poor little boy who's been through hell and came back, he's loyal, kind and brave

That's all guys, I really hope you enjoyed this short recap of my fav characters of this wonderful tv show :)


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