It's my first article. And I was a little afraid to publish it because I'm not the best at writing. But it's just answers to questions, so why not

I apologize for my future mistakes, English isn't my first language.

Inspired by:

1. What's your eye color?

eyes, makeup, and eye image

2. What's your natural hair color?

beautiful, Best, and brown image

3. Do you wear glasses?

girl, tumblr, and icon image Image by 💞
yaas. and I like it

4. What's your favorite color?

fashion, style, and outfit image bedroom, white, and bed image Image removed butterfly, pink, and dress image
Image by Morgan Saint
dark blue, white, grey, light pink and black :з

5. What's your zodiac sign?

virgo, art, and astrology image
virgo ♍

6. Do you have any siblings?

beautiful and dress image baby, cute, and pink image
no, I'm only child in family

7. What's your favorite animal?

Temporarily removed animal and owl image
cat, cute, and animal image
penguins, cats and owls

8. What's your favorite food?

food, Chicken, and salad image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed cake, food, and chocolate image
salad Cesar, pasta, pizza and cakes :з

9. What languages do you speak?

background, flag, and russia image blue, bricks, and brown image
spain, flag, and espana image
Russian, a few phrases in Spanish and I have bad English

10. Where do you want to travel to?

sweden, map, and stockholm image adventure, amazing, and austria image france, map, and paris image map, mapa, and spain image argentina, map, and travel image adventure, freedom, and fun image
All world. But first I want to visit Sweden, Austria, France, Spain, Argentina and United Kingdom

11. What traits do you look for in a person?

love, couple, and car image love, couple, and kiss image
Someone who'll love me for the way I am

12. Have you ever been in love?

love, lost, and heart image
Yes, but it's end bad

13. Are you single or in a relationship?

girl, hair, and travel image

14. What is your favorite TV-show?

criminal minds and jennifer jareau image Image removed grey's anatomy image Image removed sense8 image the blacklist and lizzington image
Criminal minds (my love number one💜), NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, Lucifer, Sense8 and Blacklist

15. Do you have a job?

study, school, and book image school and studying image
no, I'm a college student. maybe I'll find a job later, after a year or two

16. What is your favorite season?

paris, autumn, and fall image paris, pink, and spring image
Autumn and Spring

17. What's your favorite holiday?

christmas, decoration, and holidays image Temporarily removed

18. Do you prefer warm or cold weather?

fashion, outfit, and style image

19. What inspires you?

️tini, martina, and martina stoessel image meredith grey and grey's anatomy image
people, reading quotes

20. Do you wear perfume?

perfume and beauty image
yes. I usually wear Pur Blanca elegance

Thank you for reading.
I hope you liked it.

See you soon❤

Love, S.