Periods are a pain (literally). So when that time comes around, naturally you want to groan and stay at home and curse your body. However, there are some perks of being able to menstruate!

1. Getting your period means that your body is synchronized with itself. It's one of the easiest and best ways to know that you're healthy!

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2. Menstruating is actually natures way of telling you that you're not too fat and not too skinny. People on opposite ends of the weight spectrum tend to have highly irregular periods. So if yours are normal, good for you!

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3. Around day three/four, you are at your physical best! Your health is at 100% and so is your outer appearance. Rebecca Booth, MD, author of The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of your Cycle… at Any Age, "The hormonal recipe that kicks in on or about day three or four triggers a significant improvement in how women feel and look."

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4. Your body is in tune with the moon and the tides. Yeah, you heard me right! If you pay close attention and track your cycles, you will soon be able to time it simply by looking at the moon. And everyone knows that the moon affects the tides, so if you live by a body of water, look out for that too!

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5. It is an honest-to-goodness miracle. Honestly, we all take this for granted, or at least I know I do. As women, we are able to carry a human life inside of our bodies. This is an amazing gift, and it should be celebrated, not looked down upon! Even if you have no plans to become pregnant in the near future or if at all, it is still something that men will never be able to do or experience. It is special.

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