aes from the solos of bts : love yourself

-euphoria - jungkook-

Temporarily removed
when i'm with you, i'm in utopia
Temporarily removed above, air, and airplane image

-just dance - jhope-

Temporarily removed bus, aesthetic, and grunge image
If I hid my heart, I would’ve regretted it || Watching this sunset with you

-serendipity - jimin-

light, photography, and vintage image Temporarily removed
the whole world is different from yesterday || just with your joy
alternative, cats, and pink image flowers, aesthetic, and soft image

-love - rm-

aesthetic, blue, and pale image
it's a long way from I to U
fuck jklmnopqrst
i crossed all the letters and reached you
blue, fashion, and aesthetic image

-singularity - v-

aesthetic, dark, and black image Temporarily removed aesthetic, dark, and ice cream image Temporarily removed
If I shouldn’t have thrown myself away || Tell me if even this pain isn’t real || What I was supposed to do back then.

-seesaw - suga-

aesthetic, asian, and dark image
this boring seesaw game...
somebody has to get out of here
though neither of us can

-epiphany - jin-

aesthetic, blue, and cherry blossom image aesthetic, blue, and cherry blossom image
i'm the one i should love
bts image
not so perfect but so beautiful

well i hope you liked this quick article :)
take care, love you <3

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