i'm gonna talk about something that all the girls stress about which is her Body . To me the most important thing in the girls is taking care of herself and her body , you don't have to hate yourself and your body , and don't compare your self with other . Work for yourself . I'm gonna give you tips i hope it will help you .


before you start you must sit with yourself and ask your self
_why i'm doing this ?
_would this make me happy, confident ?
_does it worth ?
If all the answer was YES doooo it

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1_ it never too late :

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when ever you find the inspiration

2_ start small , easy :
at the beginning don't be hard on yourself , start step by step , go harder day by day.

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you will be in that level but be patience

3_ everything beautiful takes time :

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  • What to eat :

you don't have to eat just greens noo that wrong , but it the nice choice.

_ Breakfast_

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nice breakfast and morning coffee can fill you till the lunch

_ Lunch_

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take a small plate and fill it good and healthy thing and while you eating you will satiation, trick your mind

_ Snack_

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you should have one chocolate small bar " dark "

_ Dinner_

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make it as light as possible

_ Open day_
you have to treat your self as a reward every 10 days

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