When autumn comes, I bloom anew
- A.S.Pushkin


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People often ask me why I love autumn, and they are very surprised when I say that I do not like summer. Yes, yes, this can also be, and this is normal. It's much easier for me to endure the cold than the heat.
In general, each of the seasons is different in its own way, but today I once again thought about what I love autumn and now I want to share this list with you.
Let's go!

1. Lack of heat.
As I have already said, cold weather is dearer to me than heat.

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2. Rain.
It is especially nice when you do not need to go anywhere and you can sit at home quietly, spend time with loved ones, when it is raining outside the window. And this freshness after it has passed...mmm ♥

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3. Trees.
Very disappointing when they say that autumn is a gloomy and gray season. Yes, it is not the most rosy, but you just look at how beautiful the trees look, how fascinating the leaves fall. You just need to stop and watch.

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4. Sweaters.
Well, who does not like sweaters? So warm, so cozy.

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5. Coffee.
Coffee is good in any weather.

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Just imagine: Autumn. Wet asphalt from just past rain. A light wind is blowing, from which it is not cold outside, but fresh. The leaves fall to the ground and you sit in a street cafe in your favorite sweater with your loved ones and talk about everything. What are you likely to order? Of course, coffee.

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That's probably all. I would really like to include Halloween on this list, but in my country it is not celebrated. But after seeing a huge number of films where children / teenagers / adults are preparing for this event, I know that this is a terrific holiday.

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Love yourself, take care of your loved ones and do not forget to smile xoxo ♥